Vladonix (Immune system)

Vladonix (Immune system)

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Vladonix is a dietary supplement with natural thymus peptides. It normalizes the function of the thymus by reducing its peptide deficiency and restoring protein synthesis inside its cells.

The thymus is responsible for the proper function of the immune system, which protects the body against diseases and potentially damaging foreign particles. High stress and unfavorable environmental factors have a profound effect on the immune system. If it is weak, it becomes much more difficult to deal with all diseases and as a result, quality of life considerably decreases.

Vladonix is beneficial for everyone over 35, especially those who are exposed to adverse conditions like radiation, stress, vibrations, or recovery from infectious diseases and inflammations. This product is especially important for elderly people, because the size and activity of the thymus decreases significantly with age. Vladonix is also recommended for cancer patients because of their impaired immune systems, especially after radiation treatment or chemotherapy.

Prof. Kavinson and his team have done 15 experiments on several thousand animals and have demonstrated that administering peptides extracted from the thymus after exposure to various carcinogens minimized the risk of cancer by three to five times. It was also proven that thymus peptides can substantially prolong the lifespan.

Vladonix can be easily combined with other supplements and medicines and should be used in addition to conventional medical treatments.

Ingredients: thymus peptides, capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, purified water, carrageenan, potassium acetate), flowing agent calcium salt of stearic acid.

Directions: 1–2 capsules two to three times daily, 30 minutes before meals. Duration: 1 month. Repeat every 36 months.

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