Glandokort (Adrenals)

Glandokort (Adrenals)

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Glandokort is a dietary supplement with natural adrenal gland peptides. It normalizes the function of the adrenals by reducing their peptide deficiency and restoring protein synthesis inside their cells.

The adrenal glands produce hormones responsible for the stress reaction—adrenaline and noradrenaline. If levels are low, people may experience reduced resistance to stress, atony, apathy, and malfunction of adaptive mechanisms. The adrenals also produce corticosteroids, the hormones used in metabolism control. Without enough of these hormones, people are vulnerable to serious diseases. This is why it is very important for everyone to maintain adrenal health, which is often compromised by stress and the use of artificial stimulants, such as tea, coffee, and chocolate.

Glandokort is recommended for everyone whose adrenals may be unhealthy, especially people with hormonal imbalance, depression, and anxiety.

Glandokort can be easily combined with other supplements and medicines and should be used in addition to conventional medical treatments.

Ingredients: adrenal gland peptides, capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, purified water, carrageenan, potassium acetate), flowing agent calcium salt of stearic acid.

Directions: 1–2 capsules two to three times daily, 30 minutes before meals. Duration: 1 month. Repeat every 36 months.